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18 Nov 237

NFL Fan Base Power Rankings 2013

Which team has the best fans? The answer may surprise you. It only takes a second to comment. Do you agree? Disagree? Id love to hear your thoughts.
I admit that the act of trying to rank NFL fan bases is ludicrous and pointless. No matter the rankings, someone will be upset and defend their team. With that said, there are some great underrated fan bases that deserve some credit. There are also some fan bases that are far too overrated. It is easy to hop on the bandwagon of a perennial winner, but it takes a true fan to stick with their team through the tough times. True fans do not jump ship during a stretch of bad seasons. They also do not come out of the woods just for the good seasons. I have based the rankings on attendance, fan football IQ, intensity, loyalty, and tailgating. This is a topic that is obviously up for debate as these rankings are merely from my perspective. I may be absolutely wrong about some teams and their fans. If I am, please correct me. I will say that every team has great die-hard fans. Some teams just have more than others. Starting with #32...

Note: Some minor changes have been made after more research. Don't agree with how your team ranks? Good. Stick up for your team, but use logical reasoning when commenting. Using bad grammar and expletives will only solidify the rank and make your fans look bad. Represent your team with class.

32. St. Louis Rams
St. Louis is a great baseball town; perhaps the best in America. While in St. Louis malls, I can find all kinds Cardinals apparel. The Rams seem to get the clearance rack in the back corner of the store. Yes, the Rams have been bad for years now, but even the "greatest show on turf" shine wore off pretty quickly once the team slipped back into mediocrity. The Rams have recently been talked about as a possible team to move back to L.A, and fans do not seem to care too much. Jeff Fisher is looking to get the fans back into football in St. Louis.

  31. Jacksonville Jaguars - Give these fans some credit. Despite a terrible team recently, they still manage to fill 88.8% of the stadium. Still, near the bottom in attendance year after year and seems to be a pretty low-interest with the team, even when they were good. Many believe the Jaguars will be headed to L.A, but with the stadium deal Mr. Khan has, that doesn't seem likely right now. Sign Tebow. Sell out the stadium. Watch your merch sales sky rocket. Your record won't change, but at least you'll get some interest from the fans.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The post-Super Bowl shine wore off quickly in Tampa. At their best, Raymond James is loud and rocking. When times are bad, they struggle to get anybody in the stadium. I visited the Bucs Facebook page during a prime-time Thursday night game earlier this season, and the first thing I saw was the cover photo reading "Tickets as low as $35" for Thursday night football. Granted, they have had some rough seasons recently, and Schiano has lost the fan base, but this team has some excellent young talent. With the right coach, I can see them having a turn around season in 2014 like the Chiefs did this year. I have been to Tampa a few times and the interest level for the Bucs always seem very low with the residents of Tampa. Ownership did take advantage of the fan base after the Super Bowl win, but are on the right track winning fans back. Spending money in free agency and promising that all home Bucs games will be televised this year, something that has been rare due to blackouts. Love the city, though!

29. Arizona Cardinals - The fan base is growing since their recent Super Bowl appearance, but many fans in Arizona are transplants and the Cardinals are their #2 team. I like the Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald deserves a winning team. This fan base is on the rise and will continue to grow with success.

28. Miami Dolphins - It's tough drawing fans in Florida. Miami is a front-runner town. They have the Heat now, so not much interest in Ryan Tannehill and company even though they are in the hunt for a wild card. They do need a new stadium, but with the beautiful Miami weather, this stadium should be packed.

  27. San Diego Chargers - With some of the talent they have had recently, they should pack the stadium each week. Even when Ladainian Tomlinson was with the team, they failed to average a sellout and routinely finish near the very bottom in attendance. Like the Florida teams, a warm weather town, with so much to do on Sunday afternoon. Beach or football?

26. Atlanta Falcons - Like Miami, Atlanta is a front-runner town. The Braves couldn't even sell out a postseason baseball game a couple seasons back. Despite having an excellent 2012 season, the Falcons still could not average a sellout.

25. Detroit Lions - These fans probably deserve more credit with all this franchise has put them through. Stafford and Calvin Johnson are bringing the fans back. Detroit needs a team to be proud of with everything the city is going through.

24. Carolina Panthers - A fan base that is underrated and on the rise. Cam Newton can have this fan base explode if he can lead them to a Super Bowl victory. The do have great attendance numbers for being in one of the smaller markets, but many of those fans seem to be travleing to Charlotte for the opposing team. During the Patriots entrance on Monday Night Football, half the stadium was cheering. The commentators even commented that half the stadium was filled with Patriot fans.
23. San Fransisco 49ers - It must have been easy to be a 49ers fan during the Joe Montana and Steve Young days, but these fans get a knock for 2003 - 2010. All fans seemingly disappeared as the 49ers were not relevant for the first time in a long time. Now that they are back as one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, fans are everywhere. It is easy to support a winner, but where was everyone when they were losing?

22. Houston Texans - Bud Adams broke the hearts of Houston fans when he moved the Oilers to Tennessee. They have gained momentum over the last few years. Smart fan base which is only continuing to grow.

21. Tennessee Titans - This fan base is underrated. They sell out almost every home game, and the stadium is loud and rocking on game day despite having only one real marketable player in Chris Johnson. I can not rank them any higher though as I have been to TN often and the Titans take a second place to the Tennessee Vols. Folks in Tennessee sure love their football.

20. Cincinnati Bengals - (*Note - I am a Bengals fan and have lived in Cincinnati area my entire life.) Cincinnati is a great sports town. No matter what time of year it is, we always have something going on in the sports world. Football? Go Bengals. Baseball? We have the Reds. We also have some of the best college sports options in the country with University of Cincinnati, Ohio State, Xavier, and even University of Kentucky, Louisville, and the IU Hoosiers. We also have some of the best high school football in all the land. We even have a NHL affiliate minor league hockey team in the Cincinnati Cyclones. This is a sports mad city, but being from Cincinnati, I can say the Bengals fans have some work to do. We certainly have our fair share of die-hard fans, but many fans are still skeptical of Bengals stubborn owner, Mike Brown. Not many Bengals fans are very fond of him. Brown has a reputation for putting as little money into the team as possible. Things are getting better, though. With the re-signing of Geno Atkins and the doing well in recent drafts, the Bengals fans are finally getting a taste of being a perennial playoff caliber team. As a die-hard Bengals fan, I can honestly say we have way too many fair weather fans in Cincy. During a good season fans are in black and orange chanting "WHO DEY!!!". During a bad season? Fans are quick to put away their jersey and start wearing their favorite college team. We have plenty of options in Cincy, but if Brown can continue keep our good talent and prove he wants to win as much as the fans, the Bengals may just win over all the fair weather fans for good. Once that happens, we will be marching our way up this list.

19. Minnesota Vikings - Only the Vikings and Bills know what it is like going to 4 Super-Bowls but no rings. Give this fan base some credit. They are a loud and passionate fan base. One of the loudest stadiums in the league when they have a team to be proud of.
18. New York Jets - New York is crazy about their sports. The Giants seem to get all the love in New York. Jet fans have to love that Sanchez is finally off the field. Geno is having an up and down year, but the J-E-T-S still find themselves in the hunt for a wild card.
17. New England Patriots - Surprised? You shouldn't be. I know there are some truly great Pats fans in Boston, but I rarely meet a Patriots fan (outside of Boston) who can name more than three starters on defense in any given season. Brady this, Brady that. Which is fine. Brady is a phenomenal quarterback and one of the best in history, but these nationwide fans seemingly came from out of nowhere after Brady took over. How many Patriots fans were there before Brady snagged the starting role from Bledsoe? Outside of Boston, not many. To me, most of the "new" Patriots fans are just Tom Brady fans who jumped on the wagon in the early 2000's. Will the "new" fans stick with the team after Brady's inevitable retirement? If so, they will definitely climb on this list.

16. Oakland Raiders - A large national fan base, but they take a huge hit for their attendance issues. They have the lowest attendance (51,296) in the NFL this year by far, and it has been that way for a while now. Where have all the fans gone? Maybe those crazy costumes in the black hole scared away all the normal fans. Or, maybe it was Carson Palmer last year. Just kidding.

15. Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore was a little spoiled after the Ravens won the Super Bowl in only their fifth season since their arrival. Fans love the tough defensive teams. Ray Lewis will be missed in Baltimore. There is a great football culture in Baltimore which will only get better as the Raven's build more history.

14. Indianapolis Colts - The Colts have some great Hard to put them higher than this. Before Peyton arrived in Indy, Colts fans were seemingly non-existent. Some will find this ranking contradictory because of how I ranked the Pats, but after Peyton was released, fans welcomed Luck with open arms. Will the same happen in New England once Brady retires? Again, if so, the Pats will rise. Peyton did wonders for this franchise and the Colts now boast one of the better fan bases in the NFL.

13. New Orleans Saints - Saints fans have popped up everywhere following their Super-Bowl victory. Drew Brees has put the Saints on the map the way Brady did with the Pats. The Saint's fans get points for sticking with the team through a rough 2012 season. After Katrina, New Orleans needed something to bring the city together and give them hope. They have one of the best home field advantages and New Orleans now has some of the most passionate fans in the NFL. While they may be a top 10 fan base NOW, hard to put them any higher in this list. Not too long ago, Saints fans referred to their team as the "Aint's" while wearing the infamous brown bag. Still, very knowledgeable fans with a ton of passion. They just needed something to be proud of.

 12. Seattle Seahawks - A very underrated fan base. One of the loudest, if not THE loudest fans in the NFL. Kansas City would be the only other fan base that may be louder. I rank these fans high because, other than the last couple years, they have not had much to cheer about, but they still show up and pack the stadium and cause nightmares for the opponents offense. Probably the best home field advantage in the NFL right now. Russel Wilson and company are off the best start in franchise history.   
 11. New York Giants - The Giants get more love than the Jets. Before Eli won the Super-Bowl, fans wanted him gone, referring to him as "Peyton's adopted brother". After the Super-Bowl they admitted he just needed some time to develop. Earlier this season, they were back to the "Manning's adopted brother" jokes. Have some faith! He's won you two Super Bowls!

10.Chicago Bears - Fans in Chicago are still holding hope that Jay Cutler can get them back to a Super-Bowl. The glory days are long gone, but with Trestman in town, there is renewed hope that the Lombardi trophy will be making its way to Chicago soon.

9. Denver Broncos - I have been fortunate enough to attend a Broncos game this year. Denver is a football town and loves their Broncos. The stadium is loud. The fans are smart and passionate. They also treated Raiders fans well. Maybe they just felt sorry for them.

8. Kansas City Chiefs - One of the most underrated fan base in sports. Kansas City has some of the best tailgating in the NFL and is like a college football atmosphere during the NFL season. The fans are loud and with Andy Reid in KC, the future looks bright. 

7. Dallas Cowboys - Cowboys fans may be the most disliked in all the league by other fans. People claim they have the most bandwagon fans of any team ever. They sure do have their fair share (and then some) of bandwagon fans. This team created the bandwagon, which gives them a slight knock. This may be a result of them showing up every 30 seconds on ESPN during the NFL season. But, they have been ridiculously mediocre for years now, but still finish top 3 in merchandise sales every season. Being dubbed "America's Team" may be a stretch these days, but the fans still love to support the 'boys, that shows every year in merch sales.
6. Washington Redskins - Have you seen the wait list for season tickets? Nothing unites Washington like the Redskins. With Robert Griffin in town, the future is looking bright again for 'skins fans. Yes, they are having a tough year, but still draw an average of 81,529 fans to the stadium. Robert Griffin set the record for jersey sales in a season in only his rookie year.   

5. Cleveland Browns - Putting my Bengals' bias aside for a moment, these fans have been through hell. The Browns own Cleveland. Even during baseball season, fans are itching for football season. They still pack the stadium and are loyal and passionate after years and years of losing. Props to Cleveland. Even as a Bengals' fan, I admit these are some of the best and most loyal fans in the NFL.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers - As much as it pains me to say, the Steelers have one of the best fan bases in the NFL. This is not a surprise; just tough to admit. They take a slight knock this year for the low attendance ( 93.5% capacity) during a rough season. 

3. Philadelphia Eagles - But the fans are mean, nasty, and throw snowballs at Santa!! Please. Philly fans ooze with passion. They bleed green. Every fan base in the NFL have their fair share of idiot fans. Just take about 30 seconds on YouTube. And by the way, the Santa incident happened 45 years ago. Time to move on. Plus, it was a replacement Santa who was drunk. I respect Philly fans. They are passionate, loyal and Intense. Also, despite never bringing home a Super Bowl victory, they show up every single year and sell out the games. While some Philly fans get out of line, it happens in every NFL stadium. Hostile towards opposing fans wearing opponents jerseys? Fine. This is the NFL. Football.  

1. (Tie) Green Bay Packers - Smallest city in the NFL. The city shuts down on Sundays. No other franchise has a connection to its fans like the Packers. This is a given. No surprise.

1. (Tie) Buffalo Bills - Now THIS is surprising, right? Shouldn't be. ranked Buffalo as the worst weather town in the NFL. Oh, and they don't play in a dome. They don't need to nor do they want to. Furthermore, think of how much these fans have been put through. The four straight Super-Bowl losses and the music city miracle (forward pass) for a couple reminders. The team itself has been irrelevant for years, but somehow these fans find it in them to brave the weather and pack the Ralph every single season. They also have one of the best tailgating atmospheres in the NFL. It isn't uncommon to see former players and even the great Jim Kelly on game day either. Tailgating and packing the stadium every Sunday with Buffalo's weather is admirable. These are the most loyal fans in the NFL. The Bills have not been to the playoffs in 14 seasons, but turn on the Bills on a Sunday, and you'd have no idea judging by the fans. They are loud and intense on game day. The future is looking bright in Buffalo with EJ Manual, CJ Spiller, Steve Johnson and company. Buffalo's time is coming. Hopefully they can reward these great fans with some playoff appearances soon. 

Doesn't take long to see the passion in Buffalo.


    I'm from Buffalo. Bills fans are horrible fans. Jus so you know.

    Thanks for the comment.What are the reasons? I guess being from the area you see the true colors of the fans, like i do in Cincy.

    Im from buffalo as well, I don't know what the person above is talking about. It's been over a decade since we've made the playoffs, even when we win sports center and national media accredit it to the other team "losing" the game. Last week after stomping out the NYJ one of there lineman was frustrated and said to a reporter "we lost to the f****** buffalo bills" as in that should never happen even though as most people don't care to know we are the only other team besides the Denver broncos to score more than 20 PTs 10 out of 11 games this year with, since last week, the most sacks and turnovers in the league on defense. Our fan base has stuck, our town is small but we fill one of the largest stadiums in the united states. There's traffic at 7 am just to get to the stadium so everyone can get a full tailgate in...snow or sun. We see the players around town, everyone knows the starters, everyone keeps tabs in what's going on. The person above is probably the same person who still thinks we are cursed ever since "wide-right". Those fans should watch another team or stop watching the game with the wrong people. Get out to the stadium sometime.....we have nothing to cheer about but on the oppositions third down the stadium can be heard rocking from miles away

    JJ, That was my perception the Bills fan. When I started this list, I never thought I'd have the Bills at #1, but after researching it is easy to see. The fans are passionate, smart, and definitely engaged. Most other franchises with a stretch like the Bills have had would practically be giving tickets away just to get fans in the stadium. Kudos to the fans in Buffalo. Hoping the Bills can utilize their talent and make it to the playoffs soon.

    You forgot the Canadian Fans of the Bills in your map. Bills play 1 game in Toronto every season... Canadians are also heavily prevalent tailgaters at games... Bills have the best tailgates, the loudest stadium, the best Training Camp, and the most international fans... That should be enough to break the tie.

    I was also born and raised in WNY and another thing to add to the plus side of Bills fans is that they are EVERYWHERE.
    I live in Brooklyn now and we pack two huge bars in mid-town Manhattan every Sunday. I ran into a family of Bills fans in a random tiny restaurant in Henderson, NV. I took a bus full of Bills fans in Charlotte to a Panthers game. I met EJ Manuel's dentist on the airtrain at Newark and the airport employee next to her pulls out a Bills key chain...they are everywhere. I think it speaks volumes about our fan base that it doesn't die as we move away from WNY.

    This comment has been deleted by the owner

    You're right. I did forget to mention the 1 home game in Toronto. Thanks for the comment.

    I am a loyal Packer fan from Wisconsin who moved to WNY and you gotta love the Bills. The fans are awesome, and incredibly dedicated. I'm still going to push for the tie breaker to go the Packers way. 1. Their season tickets waiting list has over 80,000 people on it 2. It takes about 30 years to get through. 3. Single game tickets are not for sale because they have such a dedicated fan base. Not to mention this has been going on since 1960. This is in addition to a great tailgating atmosphere outside of the frozen tundra. Buffalo is a special place, but it doesn't top Green Bay.

    Packers have a much larger national fan base as well. There are some games the pack fans are as loud or louder than the home team. Away games you hear them yelling "KUHN" on T.V.

    Will - My boyfriend is a Packers fan (so we're pretty happy with this list haha) and I definitely agree with you. However, Packers fans have been given many more wins in recent years than the Bills and I think that makes them an easier "national favorite." Bills fans have stuck by their team for the past 14 years (ugh has it been that long?) without so much as a chance at the playoffs.

    I was ready (as a bills fan) to be angry that we were underrated once again. Awesome to see the credit we get. No other team believes in a Super Bowl team each year like the fans. As previously stated, we give a game up to Toronto which has had WNY in a frenzy. Heartbreak after heartbreak and yet the Ralph (still called rich stadium by the oldies) rocks every Sunday. I haven't missed a game since I was 12 (now 23). I have been to 0 degree games with walking pneumonia, the flu, mono, and other ailments. I blame my father, in the best way possible, for making me a Bills fan. Most of us younger generation fans can tell you full squads of the 60's championship squads along with the 4th depth player at each position. Nothing goes unnoticed. I've had Fred Jackson, Stevie, Kyle Williams and many more in my place of employment more than once. Fans don't ask for autographs because they are seen as community members. Great article. Thanks for the media attention. We thirst for it.

    You're an idiot. I live 5 minutes from the stadium and it's packed every home game. I'm not surprised we have the most loyal fans in the NFL... #BillsMafia baby

    how can buffalo be the best fans when they need their owner to sell out 2 home games? yea they haven't been good but the packers have sold out every game for 40 years and im sure they had bad seasons

    The Packers' fan base is phenomenal. When I started researching for this list, I didn't even think it would be close. The Packers waiting list is beyond impressive. I wish we had something even halfway close in Cincy. The one thing that decide a tie at the top is the loyalty of the Bills fans despite having the longest playoff drought in the NFL. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    The Packers' fan base is phenomenal. When I started researching for this list, I didn't even think it would be close. The Packers waiting list is beyond impressive. I wish we had something even halfway close in Cincy. The one thing that decide a tie at the top is the loyalty of the Bills fans despite having the longest playoff drought in the NFL. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    I hope to make it to a Bills home game someday soon. Very impressive streak you have. Thanks for commenting!

    Bills fans are the most die-hard fans I've ever met and the tailgates are a one-of-a-kind experience. They are more dedicated to their team than Ohio State students on Michigan weekend!

    lol how funny instead of going by actual facts u blow ur load yet again. the bills have the most blackouts in the nfl you moron... lol sounds like a faithful bunch moron

    lol how funny instead of going by actual facts u blow ur load yet again. the bills have the most blackouts in the nfl you moron... lol sounds like a faithful bunch moron

    Being from bflo the fans are awesome. To show up after what they've been thru during some of the weather is amazing. Tho at least 1/2 the fans just go to party and couldnt care less about the team. I dont get the cowboys comment tho. Look at the map. Its the largest fan reason. They have been mediocre for a decade & yet still sell more merchendise than teams with constant winning records. That right there screams the opposite of bandwagon since they have been bad forever and still have the largest fanbase

    They haven't had one blackout jackass

    Most of those we're luxury box seats

    They have the most blackouts because other teams buy 20% of their tickets. Aka Miami, Jacksonville, etc. To show a shutout to the league. The bills typically won't buy these tickets. Though they have bought 3000 twice this year.

    Let's go BUFFALO! Best fans and tailgating in history. Look forward to this YEARLY!

    This person has no idea what they are talking about, probably hasn't ever been to the Ralph on game day. . Just to reiterate what people are saying, the games are always just a great experience. Tailgating scene is just phenomenal, fans are passionate and despite the recent years of struggles, the stadium is loud and usually packed. For being a league doormat for as long as they have, the support from the fans has remained strong and not wavered

    hey guyyyyyyyy ur the jackass look it up u MORON. i have had the ticket since 97 and they LEAD THE LEAGUE IN BLACKOUTS YOU STUPID ASS. IS THAT WHY YOUR TEAM HAS TO GO TO TORONTO TO HAVE A "HOME GAME??....SHUT THE F UP AND STICK TO THE FACTS MORON.

    As a student in Buffalo, and a participant in the Bills tailgates, I agree completely with the Bills being at #1. They are as passionate as they come, and even though they've been terrible for years, being a BIlls fan is like being part of a cult. I don't know what it is, but Buffalo just loves their sports teams.

    That being said, in your regards to saying New York being a baseball town, it isn't. It is far and away a basketball and hockey town. That may not sound right, considering the Islanders are usually in the bottom third of attendance, but the way we fill up Madison Square Garden for the Knicks and Rangers is incredible. Yankee Stadium was half-empty without a playoff-caliber team, and Citi Field is always at about 45% capacity. Jets and Giants fans are both extremely passionate, but it's more a product of ridiculously expensive tickets than lack of passion.

    Not a surprise we are #1, it's called loyalty! We are ride or die fans who will always support out team! LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!

    Thanks for the comment. Regarding the NY teams rankings, I stand corrected. That is just the perception I have formed over the years about constantly hearing about the Yankees. I always thought the Knicks, Jets and Giants were in a distant second place to the Yankees.


    The Redskins have the NFL record for consecutive sell out game. Just saying. HTTR!

    I luve in WNY and they rarely sell out after week 5. They dont have loyal fans and they are always blacked out. They also do need their owner to purchase well over 3000 tix sometimes. They have good tailgaters but that bc we are drunks out here lol. Bad list.



    Seahawks only have the loudest fans because of the way their stadium was built. They're no more loyal than your average fan...

    Buffalo has horrible fans? Are you fucking retarded? We are the greatest fans in all of sports! Nobody circles the wagon like the buffalo bills!

    Dont listen to this. Not true. They are always crying n are fareweather fans.

    I would like to say something about the Pats fans...
    I grew up in the heart of Bill's country, weather and all. I do believe they should probably be in the top 5, they have amazing dedicated fans! When I was 26 I moved to New England, and I was blown away at how much more hardcore the fans were here. Yes, I said MORE. And I would like to discuss two things 1. their ranking here and the reality, and 2. what happens with success, and then the perception around the country.
    1. I know tons of people who still have Bledsoe posters on their walls. They often talk about how painful it was to continue to root for this team before Bledsoe. They think back to when the owners before Kraft talked about moving (just like the Bills) and how they fought to keep them here. They talk about the joy when Kraft saved the organization and they began to improve. The fans I watch the games with can tell you every man on the 53 roster dating back 15-20 years. They still idolize guys like Scott Zolak who maybe ever started 3 games his whole career. They know that when Mayo gets hurt it kills our run defense because his pass coverage was so good that to make up for that we have to replace him with a safety, which hurts our run defense. They know every route that every receiver is good at running or bad at running. I mean these people should be defensive coordinators cuz they can call the exact play they are about to run on offense, which routes players will run, and who Brady will throw it to. and ironically, there is more calling out of Brady and anyone else for bad play than I ever heard about anyone in Buffalo. They know when someone messes up and they complain. They are dedicated, crazy, and know more than any other fans of any team I have seen.
    2. they have the same problem the Red Sox currently have. Their crazy amount of success has done a couple of things. First it made ticket prices sky rocket! now, only the wealthy go to games. Before the success it was all the crazy fans, now its business meeting and tourists, because the rest of us can no longer afford tickets. This causes a drain on the atmosphere of the game. This has happened to the red sox as well. Because the average person can no longer buy tickets, they are bought by tourists and people who go for a social outing just to sing swing caroline. By the way, we call them "pink hats" here, and we hate them. They nothing about the game, don't care who wins, but they keep buying tickets, so prices keep going up.
    The other thing the success does, is it causes tons and tons of people to start saying they are fans, and I'm guessing you meet tons of these people in cinci. I meet them when I travel too, or when someone moves here.
    Anyway... that was a long post, but I wanted to let you know that I have seen #1 on your list, lived there, and they do not beat # 18

    They haven't been blacked out this year lol nice try though. Regardless of if Ralph bought the remaining 3000 or so tickets, haven't been blacked out. Don't see other teams owners doing that for their fan base. Also, attendance has never been last in the league, or even close for that matter. Over the last 3-4 years attendance has slipped a little, but still right around the middle of the pack average wise. Prior to that they right around the top ten in attendance for home games. Get your facts straight

    Moron, bills fans are passionate, just because we are not kind to fair weather as we call them bills haters and we never welcome away fans very kindly.. Nfl games r not for families that's why there is tv.. Tailgating is for adults 18-45.. And the super cool abover 45.. Stay home and don't hate u broad

    So I am a youth pastor and work for churches. I began doing this an hour from Buffalo, often we had events sunday afternoons and evenings, and we never had to worry about attendance, even during Bills games. and that's the truth.

    Now I do the same thing, 1 hour from Foxborough... our attendance drops about 90% when there is a Patriots game. I once had a Sunday night event each Sunday for high school students, averaged about 35 High school students. The first time there was a Sunday night Pats game... 3 girls showed up.

    Wow what a deuche hes clearly NOT a bills fan!! We despite having consistantly one of the worse teams in the league back this team and just like he said we are the best when it comes to tailgating. I dont know what that guy is smoking but i dont disagree with the Bills fans ranking #1.

    Wow, great insight! I don't pretend this list is perfect by any means. In reality, it is impossible to truly rank each fan base unless a person has been to each nfl city and multiple games, this is just from my perspective. I am sure Pats fans are hardcore in NE, I guess i just see the bandwagon jumpers since the Super Bowl days. Again, thanks for comment and insight about NE!

    Being a die-hard Bills fan, I'm a little bias in saying you hit the nail on the head here. There truly is nothing like a tailgate at the Ralph, piling into the stadium with 80,000 of your closest friends, and cheering on a team that hasn't been to the playoffs on 14 years (sometimes at a wind chill of 10 below). Some may call that stupid, but every single Bills fan is proud of thier team. Hall of Fame Bills alumni tailgate with us before every game: Jim Kelly and Andre Reed just to name a few.

    It's both a curse and a blessing that I was born a Bills fan. The team has truly broken my heart on several occasions, but to have the opportunity to be part of a such a loyal fan base makes up for every loss. And when out time comes it's going to make it that much better! Great article, man!

    They haven't been blacked out this year lol nice try though. Regardless of if Ralph bought the remaining 3000 or so tickets, haven't been blacked out. Don't see other teams owners doing that for their fan base. Also, attendance has never been last in the league, or even close for that matter. Over the last 3-4 years attendance has slipped a little, but still right around the middle of the pack average wise. Prior to that they right around the top ten in attendance for home games. Get your facts straight

    ?????? I live here and i dont think this list was about owners. The only reason we're talking owners is bc bills fans cant support their team. Dont argue stupid shit like every other bills fan. Yall are weak. Take your link n shove it up your fareweather ass lol.

    Dude, Bills games get blacked out because they don't sell out!!!! I went to school in WNY an know they are great fans, but not the best.... Do packer games get blacked out??

    Yeah packed outside everyone getting hammerd you'll notice in the following weeks no one will be out there any more the stadium won't be half full bills fans are a joke!

    I'm a Bills season ticket holder and every home game I'm at my tailgate location at 8am. When i get there, there are already 20 people there setting up tables, grills, and slow cookers containing all sorts of food. As the morning progresses and everyone begins to arrive, it becomes one big tailgate. Hundreds of people all act like they've known each other for years. If you need a beer, there are 10 people there with their hand out to give you one. The NFL purposely will not give us 430pm games because half the fans wouldn't make it in (everyone will still go at 8). I couldn't imagine being in a better tailgate environment than the one in Buffalo

    Clearly these haters of the bills on here are missing what you based your ranking on. 1st was I.Q. I would challenge any fan of another team to know more about there roster and past rosters, just look at our top website which brings me to point 2 intensity, you can laugh but we are rabid about the draft as soon as the season ends which unfortunately is early every year which is number 3 loyalty need I say more, heartbreaking loss after another. Tailgating is unbelievable but tough to judge if you haven't been elsewhere, but look up the story of pinto ron its been featured on HBO it says enough. Attendance is somewhat rough but really it's zero degrees out and were 5-10, in the world of 55' LED's I don't think it says anything about your fanbase if you want to support from home. And from a comment further up, it is true that in almost any city I have been to there has been some sort of billsbackers bar. I certainly respect some of the other teams, good cases can be made especially Green Bay but really just look at the 90's and tell me you would still be a fan. Ok now you haters can go ahead and rip this apart, I will still love my bills till the day I die.

    We actually have an RV lot in Buffalo that opens up Saturday; a lot of Canadians come down. I once had a reporter from Baltimore tell me there was nothing like the Buffalo Bills tailgate and game time experience. I'm sure we aren't allowed to win because it would cause riots. Check out our Bills Backers which is a list of Sports Bars around the globe for transplanted Buffalonians like myself. Great article, sir.

    Blah blah blah. These bills fans are just happy to be #1 on somebodys list. Redskins have the record for sell out games and their stadium is larger. Which means they probably tailgate also. Wink wink. This list wasnt about annoying drunk tailgaters. Last week a guy fell onto another guy after riding down the railing of the upper level. Last year someone was murdered while tailgating in buffalo. Every team tailgates. Dumb asses tailgate in buffalo. Also this list wasnt about the drunkest nfl fans.

    Bills fans lmfao

    The nun from my church told me some nuns were visiting her convent from Long Island last week. They went to the Bills game wearing their Jets gear. They said the Bills fans around them heckled them a little, but for the most part treated them nicely.

    I don't know what your smoking pal but Ralph Wilson Iis easily one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. If any other NFL franchise was on the verge to be miss the playoffs for 14yrs straight they wouldn't sell out home games like the Bills do.

    Wow mike you sure do know a lot about bills history good for you! It's fun to trash other peoples fan bases on websites right, I'm sure nothing bad has ever happened at a skins game especially with alllll those people, it would be a shame if somebody thought that franchise sucked because some people got drunk and did stupid things. P.S. your racist idiotic owner is a real role model for your fan base I'm sure that's why you like them.

    T, You sir are a no point did you make a point that even makes sense let alone true..everyone is now dumber for having read it...I award you moron of the year, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    Lmfao weak

    Maybe it's because bills fans are the biggest bandwagon fans in all of football? When they win sure everyone loves them but nobody seems to be a fan when they're losing.

    I was born and raised in buffalo, I can remember being a kid and every year on my birthday (Jan 28th) the bills went to the Superbowl. I remember crying when Norwood missed the kick, and the three after that and the music city miracle (forward pass to this day) I have been a season ticket holder for 6 years I have sat in zero degree temps to watch them play and cracked my first beer in the parking lot at 8 am. I love the bills. Every Sunday to us is a chance to be proud of our team and our city. We all care so much. Sometimes our week is determined by how well the bills play. We had ups and downs but I will stick by this team forever their heart their dedication their fight. We all wanna win and have been waiting a long time. Someday we will be back to glory and we will be elated. The bills give us hope so bashing us is just wrong. thank you for the number one vote it means a lot to us.

    Bills fans just get drunk to make it through the bad weather during the game. We are #1 everyone else is just hating because they are jealous. GO BILLS!!!!!!

    Go Bills, their is also a buffalo bar in vegas not far off the strip, we are everywhere, were the fans other cities pretend they are.

    Im from buffalo, the fans here are actually amazing.. idk what he's talking about, lol clearly not from buffalo if he doesn't think we have good fans.

    I have to agree with one of the previous posters about the Pats...not sure what pink hat fans you are meeting but most Patriots fans I know actually know how football works, what plays are coming, what flags are called before they're called etc...the times I've watched football with fans of other teams I've been shocked at the utter lack of knowledge, they're routing for their team yet barely understand the game, it's more like football is an excuse to drink and eat and let's hope our team wins. Patriots fans are on the edge of their seats every play of every game.

    My husband and I have both lived in WNY and have relatives who are Bills fans and while they may be great at tailgaiting and heading out in the snow they don't know as much about the game and the way they talk about their team you'd barely know they were fans, they never seen to have any faith in their team and I've heard more than once "give me a break I'm a bills fan" like we should feel bad for them...real fans love their team and don't act like its a chore to continue to be a fan.

    Couldn't agree more about Buffalo. One of the loudest stadiums in the NFL; an impressive characteristic of an outdoor stadium. This is one of the only places in the league where football still feels real. A blue-collar, hard working town that bleeds football. Truly an underrated city with an unprecendented passion for their professional sports teams.

    So leave! Byebye

    Ok for those that disagree but say they are from buffalo, I would be your not still there as you won't survive on that island. We are great fans, not just with football, and it has nothing to do with beer or winning. I have lived far away from buffalo for years but still can not help but hope for the best for them.

    Buffalo is not an island. We love hockey not football. Bills fans hope for the best n expect the worse. Like ive already mentioned, after week 5 the culture here changes drastically.

    Went to a bills v panthers game in Carolina a few years ago and you would've thought we were in buffalo!!! there were more bills jersey, chants, and fans in general

    I grew up in Buffalo and have since lived in California and now New York City. Everywhere I have gone I have met wonderful Bills fans! I can go to any city and find a bills bar packed with fans every Sunday. They may leave the city but Bills fans stay loyal to their team.

    It is an island of sorts if you think about it with clear perspective. Hockey is big as well, the point is the passion.

    It is an island of sorts if you think about it with clear perspective. Hockey is big as well, the point is the passion.

    I am from WNY and have attended many bills games... the fans that deserve the credit are the ones who actually make it into the game. I know so many people who go solely to tailgate, they can care less about the game. And don't go there supporting the opposing team. From fights, throwing food at people, even tipping porto-potties on people who aren't rooting for the bills, I've seen a lot of ridiculous things. I respect the people that actually like football and the bills, but sadly the games are only filled with half of those kind of people.

    Nope not @ all. Grand island is an island. Buffalo is not. n i do live here n no there is zero passion. Just boredom n going to a game is just an excuse to drink.

    You're a dweeb

    To the person who says Bills fans are the worst band wagon're an idiot! We breathe, live and love the bills even when they are losing because we have nothing else in this city to love but not only that..we are true fans who don't "throw batteries on the field" when our team is losing. Yea we boo but what fans don't when they're team is losing a game they didn't show up to. We get it, you're human but at the end of the day you're a professional football player for the Buffalo Bills, play like it!! So next time you say we are the worst bandwagon fans look around and see where you are in Bills country so shut up, sit down, drink a beer and enjoy the fact you have a nfl team in your city!

    GO BILLS!!!

    Mike stay litteral I am sure it's serving you well, which is typical of a good portion of buffalo residents. I will just say that you clearly don't get it, but hey if I have to explain it there is no point.

    Fareweather not band wagon. Look it up.

    I'm in my mid 20's and have watched the bills starting in the middle of high school. I've had no 'good years' of bills football my first starting QB for my bills watching history was Bledsoe , but guess what I'll still watch, attend, root before during and after each game I can for the bills. 0-16 or 16-0 I'll be there to get excited every Sunday to watch my team no matter the circumstances. It's my team and my city. Anyone who has anything bad to say about either have no founding in their words.

    Wah wah cry me a frekin river..there's no crying in football

    Please dont lol. Because if its at all close to your comment im sure itll make zero sense.

    Cant believe all the hating going on! The bills do have the best fans and so what if we have blackout games so what if ralph has to buy out the remaining tickets twice. How many other teams would do that for their fans and practically give away those tickets! Probly no other team. Im personally a loyal cowboys fan too and im sure if they didnt sell out Jerry Jones wouldnt do that. Especially the skank ass redskins! Maybe we arent like some cities that shut down on sundays thats cuz we have to work to survive in this area but wherever you go if theres a tv the game is on if theres a radio the game is on. Its a fan base that cant be rivaled. And as far as the packers i highly doubt if they were a sub-par team and didnt have names tied to them like lombardi, favre, bart starr, rodgers they wouldnt have such a waiting list. Its easy for anyone to be a packers fan but it takes real dedication to be a bills fan!

    Very well said!

    You're an idiot..can you look that word up? You really must be from NE, Pitts or Philly?? I feel sorry for you that you get off on spitting such stupid nonsense out of your mouth!

    Jj your an idiot. U obviously didn't understand that what he's ranking is the best and most dedicated fans. Nothing to do with the actual buffalo bills team. Sometimes I wish I could confront these morons in person.

    So great LOL. Billy Madison. love it.


    Love you!!

    Thank you! Thanks for reading.

    Lol thanks! Those haters i bet are the definition of a band wagon jumper. I bet if the bills were sellin out every game and made the playoffs every year they wouldnt be runnin their mouth about how bad the bills fans are. We dont need a dome or warm weather we dont need super bowl rings as nice as that would be lol and we dont need an owner like jerry jones or anyone else who likes to flash their cash. Hell we were overly excited to get Moorman back this year!! A dam punter!! And he was overly excited to come back! Thats cuz of the connection with the fans. It really is like no other

    I moved from Buffalo to San Diego, Calif. this past summer and there are TONS of Bills fans (yes, mostly from Buffalo,) but nonetheless still cheering every Sunday. In fact there are two bars (that I know of so far) that are 'Bills' bars, and to the person who said that Bills fans are 'bandwagon' fans.. You're an idiot. Look it up.

    Oh, and Chargers 'fans' are not true fans SOOO happy they are not on this list!! BILLS MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT!!!!

    ** typo ... I meant to say Chargers fans are NOT real fans!! SOOO happy the Bills are TOP of the list!!

    I no longer live in Western NY,but let me tell you my heart is with my home town teams every time they play my whole family is here cheering them on.A true fan loves their team no matter what and I and my family are true fans.A;; buffalo fans are true blue.I know I lived all my life there and had Buffalo Bill parties all the time with family,I now live in Florida and still buy shrimp on squish the fish day,shrimp cocktail for all Bill fans all other buy your own.proud of our team and proud of my hometown and the people of Western New York.Rock on Buffalo my hearts is still there with you.

    buffalo has trouble selling seats after october by then the team is out of hunt and weather is bad. fans are all talk, they party so hard before the ganme they act like drunk idiots and make the game unenjoyable for anything who came to actually watch football. so drunk ppl have drown in mud puddles and try tio slide down rails

    I find it pretty ironic that a Pats fan is saying that Bills fans "act" like people should feel sorry for them and they don't believe much in their team, WHEN your own coach just commented to the media twice this season about YOUR fans giving the team and coaches a BREAK for BOOing and walking out on the team when they were down by a SCORE!! (Which they turned around and one the game in one of the most exciting comebacks of the season! UNFORTUNATELY, more than half of your own fans missed it because they LEFT!)

    "Most of us younger generation fans can tell you full squads of the 60's championship squads along with the 4th depth player at each position. Nothing goes unnoticed. I've had Fred Jackson, Stevie, Kyle Williams and many more in my place of employment more than once. Fans don't ask for autographs because they are seen as community members."

    ^THIS times a million

    Umm pretty sure after october is when we really go. People sittin through freezing weather with no shirts on. And oh yes because clearly at any other venue NOBODY drinks. That must just be a Buffalo thing.

    Yeah dumbass they go to just to tailgate because they know they ain't getting tickets to get in cuz there are none. They are Hoping to on find a scalper...if not, they just wanna be there and can watch it at one of the many places around the stadium or with the many people who bring tv's to the tailgate

    So, here is a great experience that demonstrates the depth of BillsNation. We were tailgating with a group for the Panthers Game and we all met at the LeRoy (just west of Rochester) thruway exit commuter lot to convoy. Following the WIN, we tailgated a bit more in our spot in our lot and headed back to the Rochester area. We don't normally take the 490, but because of that meeting place, we took a different route. ANYWAY, long story short, on an overpass on the 490 somewhere between Churchville and Bergen there were a pair of teens on an overpass holding and waving a giant fabric sign that said "GO BILLS!!", capturing the attention of cars passing below. Now, keep in mind this is a good 60-70 miles from The Ralph for a team that hasn't seen the playoffs in 14 years! BillsNation runs deep and wide! I am PROUD to be a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder. I was PROUD to wear Bills gear when I travel all over the country for my work. I am PROUD when people from ALL over in every state tell me about an experience they had or know someone who had at The Ralph! They say things like "fans in Buffalo are like no other" or "I had the best tailgate experience in my life in Buffalo" or "I've been to alot of stadiums and they have been very flat experiences, but in Buffalo it is REAL and fans know their football". Look, there are different levels of fans everywhere, but I bleed Buffalo blue and know how LUCKY I was to be born a BILL! Let's go Buff'lo!! ! ! ! !

    I shoot have added ... what strikes me about the kids waving the giant "Go Bills!" sign is that in recent years we have had losing records, it was 70 miles from the stadium, and it was a good 2 + hours after the game ended, AND... it was a meaningless game at the beginning of the season. It isn't like it was a playoff game or something like that! Gotta love the passion and dedication of BillsNation

    They would not have sold out 2 games if it wasn't for their greedy owner. Be realistic. Bills fans are a joke. And I'm from Buffalo. I've experienced it

    They go to games just to party. They are just not smart about football. Lots of bandwagoners.

    You prove my point by using the word "retarded". Real classy bills fan

    I have been to Europe and around the United States seeing fans with Buffalo Bills gear everywhere! Buffalo hasn't had a good record but fans are still proud all over the world! It's amazing how strong and fun these fans are. For those who don't agree with this listing...go to Buffalo or stop a fan and talk to them. You will quickly see the passion, enthusiasm and love they have for that team.

    You should know the bills have been selling tickets 2 for 25 bucks at local gas stations just to get people at the games. Almost the same thing as giving them away.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Great comment. Thanks for reading!

    I don't know how anyone can say Bills fans are fair-weather fans... We haven't had a winning record, never mind a playoff run, in years, but still have more team loyalty than most of the NFL. Best fans in the NFL, 100% agree with this list.

    Born and raised in Buffalo and very proud. :)

    We are asshole fans YES. But that is because we are dedicated to our team. Selling tickets 2 for 25 at gas stations... no they were sold for 10-20 at gas stations and that money was donated to cancer research you scumbag. We have to tailgate Sooo hard because they stop serving alcohol at half time. Its also freezing cold. Best fan base doesn't say nicest fans. Any bills fan will tell you we are not nice about it. We don't really have a reason to be nice about it. Everyone shits on us including media so why should we be nice? DDAAAAAAAHHHH BIILLLSSSS! One day!

    Ok, let me just say that if you live in Buffalo and don't think Bills fans are the best, your crazy! My husband and I went to get matching Bills tattoos 4 months after dating. We make at least 5-6 games a year. Bills fans can be nasty but they are the best! We can spot one of our ex players a mike away. Our camp is just great. Stevie Johnson walked out of his way one day and hugged my husband and thanked him for his service. I'm 28 and I can name more than half the roster off the top of my head, I know their positions and stats. It's not unusual to find other girls in the stadium that can do the same. We still rock Zubaz and we can out drink any other team in the league. We prep for days for a tailgate and we know what's going on no matter what. My work even made an agreement with me when I started that I wouldn't have to work Sundays during football season. We refer to it as "Bills Day". I 100% agree Bills fans are the best!

    people think about i am from buffalo we have one of the bigest stadiums in the nfl prob top 2 to 3 and wny is not that big have not made playoffs in 14 years they are going to be redoing the satidum in 2014 and ralph has keep the team her when hes not sick he is at the games he is 95 kelly there every home game and when its -30 out we are still there its not about the tailgate it is what ralph has done to make the fans come back and some of that money go to cancer reserch buffalo bills will always have a good fan base

    Are you retarded? Every sports team has fans on the wagon. It's like that in every city. Your the same way. You wouldn't be talking shit if they were winning. Sure, people bitch when they lose. But that's what fans are supposed to do. Idiot. Fans pay great money for there team. You bitch when you go out to eat and your food sucks and you rave when it's good. The bills suck so bad, give the fans credit for even going to the games.

    Ive known bills all my life. My father would be cheering for the bills all day long on football day and i can remember that from since i was a toddler. This had started my love for the team from the Kelly days. Ive been to random games throughout the years and no matter what ralph is bustling with the loudest crowd around. You cant buy that kind of loyalty its earned. One more thing to add to our hype " greatest comeback game in NFL history" suck it! Go on your rants now but your not shaking this fan from his roots. Bills Mafia!!!!

    Are you joking we have the most passionate and loyal fans in the NFL... The description was spot on

    I love this and it is very true. I can also agree with being tied with The Green Bay Packers because I have been there. I lucky enough to get tickets to Brett Farves return to Lambeau as a Viking. However they are two completely different worlds. The Ralph is the "frat house" party to the Lambeau "country club" atmosphere. It is quite admirable how their fans conduct themselves but truly no one knows what it means to be a Buffalo Bills fan unless you are one to the bone. The Bills have ruined my Sundays and Mondays worse than say an ex-wife could but none the less I ( we ) love them regardless. All Bills fans when we cross paths even in the most subtle ways know we share a bond. Loyalty and pain and one day... One day we will be on top of it all and the feeling will be better than seeing your first born child come into this world ( I have no children ). I have proven my point go bills

    You do know that you can't get games on Sunday Ticket that are in your home market, right? In other words, as a Rochester resident, the Bills will be blacked out every week on Sunday Ticket because your local CBS (maybe FOX sometimes) affiliate is carrying the game.

    Maybe you actually know this, but it's hard not to assume you're an idiot based on all of your comments.

    I have season tix for 10 yrs. what makes so horrible? are you at every game? its your opinion but your way off target. and oh yeah I live in s. blo!! bills fans are die hards

    I've been a western New York resident and a Buffalo Bills fan my whole life, and it is awesome to see this franchise and its ever-loyal fan base get some overdue credit! We sell out Ralph Wilson Stadium.... an 80, 000 seat venue.... well in and week out, regardless of record. We are true to our team, and we party like no other!

    I am from Rochester, 60 miles east of Buffalo and I have no idea what some of these people are talking about. Bandwagon fans? What the hell have we had to bandwagon about? We have had 1 over 500 season since 1999. Yet, every weekend no matter the record the Ralph is rocking. People drive from Syracuse (120+ miles) rochester (60+) miles every weekend to support the bills. Even for meaningless games. PFC knows what's up. When out at bars or other sports events or concerts anywhere from Syracuse to Buffalo no matter what season, even summer it's not uncommon to hear a bills chant going. There's a kinship between Bills fans and I'm proud to be one.

    Me being 25 years old and Bills fan, reading this and the comments have me laughing at the idiotic hating. I don't go to games to get drunk, I go to watch my Bills. I've been at games that were literally a blizzard to watch my football team. I'm to young to remember the glory days with Kelly, Smith, and Thurman yet I still support the Bills. I went to the Steelers game where Steeler fans SPIT on opposing teams fans, and I was told by the people we were sitting by(all Steeler fans) that my buddy and I who went were the best Bills fans they've met. A lot of people go to game to just enjoy the game of football and not just to get drunk. Tailgating happens with all NFL teams so saying that Bills fans are just drunks is moronic. Mike you said you were a Redskins fan right? The Skins have been irrelevant since their birth, and haven't been popular until RGKnee was drafted because they were terrible. Stop popping off behind a screen and being butthurt. Thanks for the article, come by the Ralph and have a blast! Go Bills!

    You, infact, do not pack the stadium every game. Your owner has bailed the fans out twice this season from television black out by buying the unsold tickets to the game. Such a loyal fan base. I presume that the Patriots and Steelers, for example, whom were rated lower on this arbitrary ranking which essentially amounts to teams which the author likes, suffer from similar issues. Further, when taking into account the average ticket cost across all NFL stadiums, Bills fans have absolutely no excuse regarding their failure to fill the stadium. This abysmal attendance takes place year after year, yet Bills fans continually brag about their fan-base being the greatest in the league.

    How can you possibly say this? Been a season ticket holder for just about 40 years. True some goofy fans get press but that doesn't speak for thousands of fans who are passionate and supportive of their team! I take great offense that you decided to lump everyone together.

    Youre horrible - Go Bills!!!!

    Sorry but I have to defend Steeler Nation. Yes we are having a terrible year and attendance is lower than normal this year. But that aside, Steelers fans are EVERYWHERE! Home or away games, there is always a HUGE fan base in attendance.

    I love how someone can call us bandwagon fans yea we love watching our team do bad not making the playoffs and great logic stadiums big they must tailgate I was there the redskins don't tailgate go bills

    Can't really gripe too much but being from Baltimore and having been to some games, that's an incredible fan base. It may be bias, but it's top 7 I think. Have sold out consistently since their stadium was buil in 1998, and for a young franchise that's impressive.

    The Carolina Panthers are regulars in the top ten in league wide attendance and sell out every single year despite having some rough ones recently. We come from the 26th largest "market", but average sixth in attendance. The tailgating on Mint Street starts early and the team and ownership do lots with the pre-game festivities. It's common to see former players (Eugene Monroe and Mike Rucker constantly), current Top Cats (cheerleaders) and Sir Purr roaming the tailgate area I love the Carolina Panthers win or lose and a lot of folks from the Carolinas can say the same. I'm not arguing for the top spot, but we're better than you ranked us.

    Fuck you.

    Thanks for the insight and commenting. The Panthers seem to be a fan base I was wrong about. I believe you guys will get more and more press the way the Panthers are doing lately. Thanks for reading!

    What are you talking about? When was the last time you went to a game? The bills fans are intense

    Your a fag, leave buffalo douche bag

    Well you should research this before making stupid comments! Ralph Wilson does buy the last of the tickets, however they are sold at gas stations with the proceeds going to cancer treatment, hospitals, homeless shelters & food pantries just to mention a few! Not too bad from an owner who could of moved the team to L.A. if it were not for the passionate fans (in his words)! And so when you need medical help next time appreciate it, you never know how the funding got there!

    The Buffslo Bills Fans Are Great Fans also from Buffalo...

    We About That Buffalo Team!!!!!!

    Hello The CHIEFS hold the Guiness World Record for the loudest Stadium not only in the NFL but in the entire WORLD!! Kansas City is full of die hard fans and has die hard fans all over the country!! We are one of the only teams to have season ticket holders in nearly every state!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!

    NY's a baseball town....? Ever since the Yanks started to win yearly (lets just say 10+yrs) and then moved stadiums, they've been the biggest bandwagon team there is. Its a cool thing to go to a game... but the real fans are priced out -- prob very similar to the Heat. And how many seats are left open each game? OTH, the Gmen have a sellout every game, and that's with us having to pay anywhere from 1-25k just for the right to buy tickets for 1 seat... You should stop by and see how many ppl are waiting in line just to get in to tailgate at 7:15am when the gates open at 8.

    Thank you for ranking my team no. 1! Sucks we are in a tie with Buffalo, especially considering I live in ny, but I have been a die hard Green Bay Packers since day one, and I don't care how long I live in ny, I will always be a green bay fan

    I was a Patriots when they were the Boston Patriots. They had Jm Nance ,Babe Paralli, Gino Capeltetti, these are the ones that stuck in my head. This was before Tom Brady ( who I like alot),
    Vince Wilfork, Ron Gronkowski, and all the other New England Patriots! I was a Patriot fan when people said it wasn't cool. I was also a RED SOX fan when it wasn't cool!! But that is okay......know why? Because I had Faith!! I kept on keeping on....because one day I knew .......the rewards were coming and they did!!

    I love how people live in a city and rag on its sports teams, call uhaul and move to whatever city you want, or are you too poor to? Maybe that's why your in buffalo, scum bags

    We in Buffalo have a small demographic but one the largest stadiums. most loyal fans also the most friendly to opposition fans . might be the reason you see Pittsburgh, Cinci, Browns and Dolphin fans in large numbers at the Ralph. Every week the Bills play the opposition and the refs no respect from zebras.

    Lol, after scrolling through these comments, I've learned one thing. Bills fans are a bunch of little girls. Is that all they do? Bicker at each other? Well I've officially crossed off attending an Eagles vs Bills game at the Ralph from my bucket list. Crybabies lol. Oh yeah, to comment on your list, it was great. Everything was spot on, including Atlanta. I have lived in Atlanta for several years (orginally from Philly, obviously), and I can say that this is the most fairweather city on the planet. Even after the Braves and Falcons both had great years, neither team could sell out a game. The Braves even failed to sell out a playoff game, they were even selling $1 tickets!!! I can't even tell you the last time I saw someone wearing Hawks gear. They are all on the Miami bandwagon right now because of "swag". Even UGA fans are pathetic, they never fail to walk around barking at each other like a bunch of morons before each season, but at this point in the current season, all I see is Alabama fans, almost like they all converted. Georgia Tech has good fans though.

    First and foremost Bills fans are cock suckers! They treat the other teams fans like they are meaningless pieces if trash! I go there every year being a dolphins fan, and no one fucks with me 6'7" 345lbs but when my friend who (5'6" 165lbs) who is a Seattle Seahawks fan goes to watch his team they throw Pizza and beer at him! I've also witnessed a bills fan who may have been 25 years old punch a 65-70 year old Browns fan in the face! Bills fans are the worst in the NFL and I can wait for the fans to talk shit because I'm gonna start knocking skulls

    What are you stupid? The nicest fans? Bahaha the bills fans are the absolute worst

    You're an idiot


    Eagles fan threw snowballs at Santa in 1968. That would be 45 years ago. You're Hack.

    This comment has been deleted by the owner

    Still irrelevant, but thanks for the correction. Tough to judge a fan base off something that happened so long ago. Most fans attending the games these days probably weren't even alive then.

    Browns fans are the most loyal ... we haven't won a championship since 1964 ... our team was moved but we fought and are the only team in NFL history to be guaranteed to keep their name and colors and promised a new football team by the year 1999 ... we also have the lake effect snow which is pretty comparable to Buffalo and we do not play in a dome and nor do we want to ... we're there every game tailgating lonnng before the game is going to start ... our team has sucked for God knows how many years .. the 80s was probably our truly last good team ... you can find Browns backer bars all over the country including Alaska ... obviously by no means are we front runners ... even when the Cleveland Indians or Cavaliers go to the World Series or Finals it's still the Browns everyone is ramping up for every year ... oh and not to mention we have been put through all of these

    So yes I contest the Cleveland Browns are much higher on that list if not number 1

    hey devon, I bet you have probably never been in a fight in your life

    Not a comment that reflects the true nature of thousands of Bills fans. Talk to me...a season ticket holder nearly 40 years because I love the game and support my home team. Our stadium holds 70,000+ people. Are there bandwagon fans, of course. That's probably true of many teams. Do some folks take their enthusiasm too far? Sometimes...but again the great majority of fans are their for the game! If out of town we hit a sports bar to watch away games. Know what you're talking about before you spout off! Bills fan for life!

    Bills fans are the best. We support our team every year. Even through the losses we still support. Yea we get mad and talk shit BUT EVERY WEEK we out there ROCKING THE RALPH.

    Bills fans are the greatest. I love them through the good and bad even though its been mostly bad lately. Anyone who says otherwise (such as these goons above) are wrong. Every team has its share of bandwagoners but we get good attendance regardless of the weather which is something teams like jacksonville, miami and others can't say. go bills! just one before i die!!!

    I live in Buffalo. I would say that I'm a bills fan, and root for them every week. I go to the games whenever I don't have to work. I tailgate with everybody else at 8 AM, sometimes I partake with the drinking festivities in the parking lot, sometimes I have to drive therefore I don't. I must say this though: bills fans are very passionate about their football team, unlike the owner who buys out tickets to avoid a blackout. With this being said, bills fans can also be the biggest assholes towards a visiting team's fans. I was absolutely disgusted when I took my child to his first bills game,because for some odd reason he likes Miami (he is 9). I have never been more upset and embarrassed for the city and these fans when grown men and women were heckling a nine-year-old as if he was going to get into some SportsCenter related debate with them over the spread offense. He just likes Miami because that's who his little league team is. We had to be escorted from the Ralph due to drunken idiots threatening a nine-year-old boy. Like I said before, the fans are passionate, but some can be a bunch of assholes and ruin it for the rest of the fans.

    Im also from buffalo and i say fuck off. Its absolutely clear that the passion we put into our sports teams is special

    Just stupid. Shut up

    To say that Bills fans are bandwagoners is just so ignorant everyone on here is now that much dumber. You can't jump on a bandwagon if you DONT WIN, holy F******** dumbass.


    It's You're....sweet buns...

    I have to say that I am not a Bills Fan but I have lived here my whole life and the fans are loyal to the team not just the Bills But Hockey too... The fans enjoy the game win or lose. . So unlesd you have bern around these fans you should not judge them..

    That's because the Bills don't play at the local high school...

    B.I.L.L.S.=Boy I Love Losing Superbowls

    Highest rating of viewers of watching this past years draft was a tie between Western, New York and Baltimore (super bowl champs). Numbers don't lie.

    Western, NY and Baltimore (super bowl champs) were tied in viewings of watching this past years NFL draft. Numbers don't lie.

    For those who say we need our owner to "bail us out" and buy the remaining tickets to sell out a game. Ok, did that happen? Yes. Ralph bough 3,500 tickets. Big freaking deal. We live in a lower middle class town who has the 11th largest capacity stadium in the league (73,079) and we haven't made the playoffs in 14 years. The fact that he had to help us out is his way of saying thank you for filling this stadium every home game. BTW until the year 2000 we had a capacity of over 80,000 which put us in the top five largest stadiums in the league and we sold that out regularly also.
    The Buffalo Bills are a part of the very fabric of life here in Buffalo, our fans are passionate and knowledgeable. Our woman can tell you who plays on the defensive line and our community feels the highs and lows of the team on Mondays at work. We love our Bills and remember USA.... Nobody Circles the Wagons Like the Buffalo Bills!!!

    Ok first tired of the bandwagon fan shit. Anyone who says Bills fans are bandwagon fans clearly doesnt know what a bandwagon fan is!! When a team is consistently good and wins Super Bowls they get bandwagon fans cuz they are good! We have had NOTHING to be excited about in 14 years until maybe now. Hopefully give us a couple years and we will get back to the playoffs we certainly have the talent to do it. I agree with a comment from earlier its about time we get recognized because like that person said we dont get it as much as we should, Buffalo is hardly a talked about team in the media and when it is its usually in a negative way. How many other fans have PAID themselves to have a billboard put up to get something done?!? How many fans have pulled together to help a former player and hall of famers son like Bills fans? How many fans have suffered as much heartache and disappointment as Bills (and sabres) fans! But yet we still cheer and root our team on every sunday. And yea when you go to a game wearing anything but Bills Blue you're gonna get heckled. We are passionate and thats our stadium. And when you go to a Miami game thats gonna be the worst we can not stand the Fish. I don't condone punching the elderly because of their affiliation or heckling a kid but still shows the love and support this team has. And PhinsFever grow up. people are entitled to their opinions when someone posts something like this its gonna get opinions from all over the map so to say that you're gonna knock skulls because people don't agree with what you said or "talk shit" just shows how childish you are. And 6'7' or not idc i aint afraid of your ass anyway. Yes some fans go overboard but thats anywhere im sure you can go to just about ANY stadium on sunday and see someone doing something to somebody else because they're drunk or because of the gear the other person is wearing its not just here in Buffalo.

    Lots of internet "tough guys" on here, as well as uneducated people with short tempers... oh well, I guess that's society today. As for the list, it's subjective and based upon the writers experiences. I'm a lifelong Bills fan and I can safely say that I've seen the best fans in the world there as well as a fair share of people that should never be allowed in that stadium again. In saying that, I've also attended many NFL games in many NFL cities and can also safely say that those "bad" people exist in EVERY NFL city. People can try to sugarcoat it all they like, but no NFL fan base is perfect. I've had very good experiences in my travels, but I've been taunted in every away game I've attended, but only in a few instances did it ever get to a point where I was upset. Once in KC (where a few guys thought it would be fun to throw food at me and my family all game), once in Denver (where I had a drink "accidentally" dumped on me), Once in Cincy (where a group of young 20 somethings surrounded my 15 year old son after the game and tried to start a fight with him)... I don't hold the "entire" fan base accountable for the actions of a few, but I can see where some people will always hold that against a team or their fan base. As for the Bills on the list... I've always felt they should be a perennial top 5 as far as fans bases go. For a team that doesn't have a long culture of winning Bills fans still bring it week in and week out. Sometimes they don't sell out, however Buffalo doesn't have a tiny stadium to fill, they have the 11th largest NFL stadium, but they have the 3rd smallest population to rely upon, which should make for an even stronger case for fan loyalty. Go to Ralph Wilson Stadium and take in a game and the amazing atmosphere, it's amazing. Hell go to a Bills game on the road and you'll see a TON of Bills fans there as well, each with their own unique tailgating experience going on (although, we usually find each other and group together) One example is from my last trip to KC.... KC has a great tailgating venue, but the lots don't open until 8 or 9 AM... we Bills fans were tailgating in the line as we waited to get into the lots to tailgate! Are we perfect? Nope, but are we loyal and passionate? You better believe it.

    The bills are terrible

    Places like Buffalo.. There is NOTHING to do... literally nothing... of course they go...

    And as opposed to Miami where there is a lot better things to do in Miami than watch a bad football team..IN HEAT... ever been to a 1pm game in September in the 300's section in So. Florida.. Right at the gates of hell HOT!! not fun....

    I have lived in Columbus since 1977 and I am still a die-hard, never give up, beat the damn Fish Buffalo Bills fan and I always will be!


    Evidently you've never been to Buffalo because there is a ton of things to do in Buffalo and the WNY area.

    Yeah, what terrible fans we are for buying cheap tickets at a gas station! Those people collecting money for CANCER research must say "look at those fair weather fans buying cheap tickets!" In fact, I'm going to write a letter to Ralph Wilson and tell him what a jerk he is for donating so much money to charities!! Go Bills

    Go bills

    YOUR RIGHT Nobody will be out there because we don't play AT HOME until 12/22 idiot

    Ok buddy.. you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Definitely a plus you are no longer in buffalo

    Bills fans are so loyal they fall head over heels for this team

    One word CHAMPIONSHIPS, you losers. Go Pats!

    I am from Buffalo....and yes i am a die Hard bills fan...yes our team has been struggling for a very long time...but still no matter how much the bills frustrate there fans...they still go to the games and still watch them every sunday on T V...Bills fan base are even known to take over other stadiums in the NFL in CLEVELAND AND MIAMI...they will travel on bus loads to show there support in other cities...these are even tho you have some people who are hating on the bills in these comments...I bet those haters still go to the games if not still watch them every sunday....

    To some of the responders here the article is about BILLS fans not anyone's respective teams. I started watching the BILLS since the 60's in the old rock pile. I have been to many city's throughout the years watching other teams. "Everyone" has a tailgate party so let's take that off the list as if Buffalo's is somehow more special or its fans more knowledgeable. BUT, as the article states, us BILLS fans don't have a dome, don't play in warm weather, and have endured losing non-playoff teams more than any other team in the entire NFL, yet The Ralph rocks every Sunday. It's easy to root for winning teams. All of the other stadiums I've been to cannot compare to the BILLS fans, and in your heart, you know you want to be one! LOL

    I can only assume that the person who wrote that Bills fans are terrible is not really a fan him/herself. I'm from Buffalo and remember as a kid when Superbowl Season followed Christmas like the night follows the day. (Well, ok, maybe just for 4 years.) Even with a tough economy, ridiculous weather, and a relatively large stadium considering the market our fans watch, tailgate, and cheer like every year really is a "rebuilding year."

    We have the best beer, wings, and hot dogs and the best wide open parking lot to tailgate in. And we're used to crap calls, heart-breaking endings, and 0 respect from the rest of the league. (They don't hate us, they just think we're irrelevant.)

    But our loyalty sticks for life. I've lived in 3 other cities with NFL teams, and there's a Bills Backers in every one. Love our team and love our fans.

    This is great article, and I've got a great sports blog dedicated to fantasy sports and lineups to help you win money in year-long leagues and daily fantasy leagues. It has my analysis and predictions for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA sports. Check it out and help me spread my blog and win $150, hurry and good luck winning tons of money!

    Win or lose, drunk or sober, knowledgable or not knowledgable ,rain or snow, owner bought tickets or not, we are bills fans and we stand strong! I've never been to an away game, this is my first year as a season ticket holder, and I've never had a bad experience (minus the lines for the porta potties). Go Bills and their fans!!!!

    Win or lose, drunk or sober, knowledgable or not knowledgable, rain or snow, owner bought tickets or fan bought, us bills fans are always there. I've never been to an away game, my first year as a season ticket holder, and I've never had a bad experience ( minus the lines for the porta potties). Stay strong fans, our time will come! Go Bills!!!!

    As an Eagles season ticket holder, I know passionate, "die hard" fans when I see them. I also know about piss-poor football teams seeing my birds fail for many years. Aside from the Bills Super Bowl runs in the 90s, they have been an irrelevant football team, yet the fans are as loyal and passionate as ever. My bias tells me that Philly has the #1 fan base, but I have no problem with this ranking.

    Best place to live because people here are awesome!!!

    You are clearly a idiot.... bills fans are awesome. Although you are from buffalo I bet you are NOT a bills fan to post that.

    Well said. Unfortunately, many of these spiteful/nasty comments are typical of any webspace comment collection... Bills fans, in face of adverse performance/weather, costs, and decades of frustration, are indeed a hardy and loyal bunch

    My dad is from Buffalo, but we live in California. The first question I get when someone finds out that I'm a crazy, die-hard Bill fan is, "Why?" (usually accompanied by a bit of a sneer). My answer is always that 1. my dad grew up in Buffalo & 2. We have some of the greatest fans ever.
    I'll admit that it hasn't always been easy to shell out all the DirecTv Sunday Ticket money to watch them in recent seasons, but I still love them. My husband is a Packers fan, so even when the Bills don't win, I have a good #2 team to root for, but I can't stop loving my Bills!

    While it's true that I am from Wisconsin and among the legion owners of the Packers, it's also true that Viqueens fans are absolutely fair-weather friends. I lived for years in the Twin Cities, and every NFL season I witnessed rabid MN fans bedecked in royal purple root for the V-queens when the V-queens were hot. Later in the same season, "fans" shifted seamlessly from purple to the Pack's Green and Gold after MN failed (yet again) to accomplish anything. We Packer fans weathered more than 30 straight years of pretty bad football, and never ever were the stands empty at Lambeau Field and (for many years) Milwaukee County Stadium. The Viqueens will continue to lose because their fans do not deserve victory. Fans of the Browns, Bills, and Bears (da Bearsss) will hold the Lombardi Trophy, because, like those of the Green Bay Packers, their fans deserve that victory.

    Usually you have to win to have and support bandwagon fans.
    Lot 3 is home away from home for me.

    Bills fans last until the playoffs when they dig out their Steelers jackets, see it every year.

    "They are loud and intense on game day."

    That's because most of them are drunk. I don't blame them, you'd have to be to celebrate failure week after week.

    The Green Bay Packers was a consistently poor team with consistently poor coaching, and the pre-season sell-out begun in 1959 carried on through those lonely 30 years. So when the Packers "were a sub-par team and didnt have names tied to them like lombardi, favre, bart starr, rodgers" they DID INDEED have such a waiting list.

    Consistently poor in the 30 years preceeding the arrival of Favre, that is...

    This is exactly what we're talking about. Championships - congratulations... but what would you say if the Patriots had failed to make the playoffs for the past ten plus years?

    Although I'm not a bills fan, I have been to a large number of bills games over the years since my friend is a die-hard fan originally from the area. I will definitely say the bills have some passionate fans although I honestly don't think they are any more passionate then browns,steelers, or packers fans. Tailgating is good although the area lends itself to it(huge parking lots, very few bars in the area). The stadium gets loud although its hard to say if it's the fans or if its because half of the stadium is below ground helping out the acoustics. Probably a bit of both. I will say as a Browns fan I am used to drunk idiotic fans and I'm fine with it if they are just supporting their team but in my experience there seems to be a disproportionate amount of bills fans who don't seem to have a clue about the game and are just getting tanked. As an example, at the bills- bengals game this year there seemed to be more fans outside then inside even halfway through the first quarter and still plenty of empty seats around where we were sitting throughout the game. I also had the pleasure of watching two bills fans roll down the steps fighting each other over literally a bag of peanuts while the bills were attempting to comeback and send the game into overtime. It doesn't seem like the bills fanbase is any more knowledgeable or diehard then several other teams to me although I do think they are one of the better fanbases in the NFL.

    Yet your fan base is below us it's probably because you guys realized your not winning another Super Bowl since they found out about spy-gate scandal, Brady's out of his prime and Hernandez is getting bent over in Jail at this exact time

    Considering the majority of the comments from this article are coming from Bills fans how is it so difficult for someone to see the passion that exists. I can't speak for everybody, but personally I love this team to death. I love the team they already are and love the team they are about to become. I love how even more crazy Ralph Wilson stadium with the potential that they have. Even if it's not soon I'll gladly wait. This is my team and I'm sticking with them.

    die hard bills fan!!!!! live in south florida now, but couldnt agreee more.... Bills have the best tailgating atmosphere in the NFL. I don't understand even going to some college games why people are not on top of cars yelling/getting hyped up for the game as fans enter the stadium. It's an every game thing in Buffalo... But someone said that steelers fan exist in buffalo? Not true, only maybe because steeler fans exist far and wide but no Bills Fans like The Steelers

    Bills fans are baptized in fire, when you see someone wearing Bills merch you know that they are a real football fan.

    In buffalo the bills are not a team there a way of life. On game day we are one. Finally we get some respect. Not only do we love our bills, we love our city, and if people gave it a chance it's a great one. Best fans by far. Go buffalo

    Ever try to get a ticket to Lambeau?

    I grew up in Wisconsin. I remember as early as first grade knowing certain teachers would be in a bad mood on Monday if the Packers lost. Being out of town is no excuse to miss games. I haven't missed one since I was 2. My cousin got marriedIin Florida the day before the Packers played the Browns. Know what my family did? Called a bar. Rented a whole room for the family. Made sure the bar played the sound for the game for us. Even the little kid next door told his dad that they could go to a bar to watch a game that was blacked out in preseason when Time Warner blacked out a game in a dispute with fox (note:its not irresponsible parenting to take kids to certain bars in Wisconsin. A lot are basically restaurants with TVs). When somebody has tickets to Lambeau you just dont say no. Theres a 35 year waiting list for season tickets even though the stadium is massive and just keeps adding seats.
    Going is an amazing experience. The town is so small that everyone is jampacked into such a small place. Everyone is either tailgating (with brats) or at the few bars right next to the stadium. The amount of rediculous unique garb is overwhelming. Its almost a way to show off. I always have my packers Zubaz myself.
    The best thing about Packers fans. You don't always become a fan based on your location (Milwaukee is closer to Chicago than Green Bay). Being a Packers fan is passed on from generation to generation.

    One word Spygate. Or maybe 2 words?

    Anyway how do championships reflect how good your fans are? You kinda just made a comment diluting your own fan base.

    If Goodell released those tapes you'd be cheering asterisks

    Have to agree with some of the posts I am a die hard bills fan, we have a great fanbase for having a bad team, but I would say half the people there don't know shit about the bills or football at all and they are there just for the party, I would say they are in the top three but if you notice at the five teams below the bills like packers and seahawks games those fans don't leave at halftime when they are losing, most of the time half the stadium is empty on a losing effor......GO BILLS!!!

    Very inconsistent and contradictory in your reasons... also it's clear you've never been to NYC or any of the surrounding tri-state area, as well as Boston

    Bills fans please listen up. 1. You are not the loudest stadium Seattle has got you beat on that and I'm sure more teams do to it gets very quite at the Ralph come third/fourth quarter when you're losing. 2. The reason you all think you're the best fans is because you're all shitfaced each week trying to deal with another horrible year. 3. Every bills fan has been or is a fair weather fan at some point in their life but there's probably 80% fair weather fans 10% die hard 10% just watch to watch and don't give a f**k 4. Only thing I can commend y'all on is tailgating buffalo cannot lose that crown. 5. Wide Right, Music City Maricle and 14 straight years of not listening to bills fans after week 14 yes week 14 is priceless. 6. The season of a bills fan week 1-4 Super Bowl 5-9 playoffs 10-13 maybe a .500 year? 14-17 they suck fire everyone we need a new owner coach gm qb rb wr need a new team the bills suck and so do the fans you all are a joke

    Buffalo, like every team has fans turn if they play poor or lose frequently. This happens everywhere and when outsiders see it, they immediately think that city has a bad fan base. The Bills mean so much to Buffalo and people take the team to heart. We can be called delusional, but either way we stand by our team. Saying the Bills suck gives you a garbage child like opinion not able to support any facts. When Buffalo wins, the whole City wins. That's why we are ranked #1. Too many of you only 'like' whatever team is good at the current time.

    As a Bills' fan, I definitely dig the rankings. It's a testament to our dedication that we fill as much of the stadium as we do given the last 13 years of bad teams. Buffalo is a dying city; small and shrinking. The economy is struggling to say the least. Even though ticket prices are low compared to other NFL venues, they are still expensive, especially in a down economy. Perhaps #1 is too high, but I think anyone would have a tough time saying we don't deserve top 5.All that said, I think the Redskins' fans got hosed. The wait list for season tickets is like that of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (who hold the current and still running record number of sellouts in NCAA history) and second only to the Packers' insane wait list. I see 80-year-old ladies wearing 'Skins gear here in DC and not just on game days. Oakland is too high. It's all image....guys in the crazy outfits and Dr. Dre popularizing them with the kids(from when they were in LA). Packers fans (cringe) deserve #1 by themselves.

    My two favorite teams are the packers and then bills. I'm good. I do like the comments that say that the bills have a bunch of bandwagon fans because if someone was going to jump on a bandwagon, and chose the bills, they don't know anything about football. Also, everyone is saying things about how bad the bills loyalty is, but don't say anything about their own team. I think the man who made this list has made valid points and he's right about most of the stuff he put.

    I'm a Packer's fan and then a bills fan. Im good. I do like the comments that say that all the bills fans are bandwagon fans, because no one jumps on the bandwagon of a team that hasn't made the playoffs in so many years. So maybe a few bandwagon fans, but no, not a lot. Also it's funny that all these people are saying how bad the bills fan are, but say nothing about their own teams fans! I think the guy who made this list made valid points and was fair about his rankings.

    The Bills are part of our culture in Buffalo. I can't believe some of these negative posts from people that don't know what they're talking about. It's a blast going to games and the tailgating experience that comes with it is great. We are loyal and will always stand by our team. Bills are on their way to the playoffs within the next 3 years.

    Kb- ur obviously a hater. Hopefully u left this city. Dont come back. Joker

    First, I can't stand reading these comments. Their, there and they're have 3 different meanings.

    As far as the article goes... well thought out list! Being a Buffalonian, I couldn't agree more with the Bills being at #1. Buffalo, (according to is the 2nd least populous NFL city (massively trailing Green Bay). A city (including suburbs...) that has 1.1 million people in it has roughly 15% of their (was going to put "there" to get a rise... ::resisting temptation::) population attending the game. Where else do you see that besides Green Bay? Here's a better question, where else do you see that where a team has a 3% chance at making the playoffs?

    Bills fans are everywhere. I've lived in 5 different NFL cities across the US. Including those, I've visited 17. I haven't gone to a city where you can't find a Buffalo Bills bar. I've never looked for another teams bar though so that might not mean so much but I loved it!

    Pats fan here. While I don't necessarily argue you're point about a lot of pats fans popping up once Brady came about, your reason for defending Indy doesn't make much sense. Of course they welcomed Luck with open arms, considering he is the best prospect since Elway. I think if the Pats are lucky enough to get someone of that caliber when Brady retires fans would welcome him too. And again while I don't argue the ranking of Pats fans, saying you've never met anyone who came name 3 defenders has to be an exaggeration. Half the reason they have been soo good over the last decade has been because of those guys on defense. Maybe not since Bruschi retired but you're going to have a hard time convincing me that most fans cant name at least 3 if not more.

    Thanks for the comment. I guess what I meant was that I haven't personally met what I call a "new" Patriot fan who could name starters on defense. I have met many "real" Pats fans who are truly passionate about the Pats. Unfortunately, not having been to Boston, I only meet the bandwagon Pat's fans. I am sure the passion runs deep in Boston.

    I guess what i'm saying is that after Brady retires, if there is a stretch of bad seasons, all the bandwagon fans will drop off and find a new team instead of sticking with the Patriots. What we will be left with are the true Patriot fans. Again, thanks for commenting. Your comment about Luck is very true as well. Any team would have been glad to have him.

    You kiss your mother with that mouth? To live in Buffalo and say the Bills fans are the worst makes you the worst my friend. Any stadium you go to on Sunday there will be drunk home team idiots. Deal with it, it's a football game panzy not an F ing tennis match. Bills fans are the greatest and most loyal fans. Worst weather + 13 straight losing seasons = still sell out every home game! That math only makes sense when you are talking about the Bills. Any other city would not have a team anymore so stop hating and learn to appreciate the awesomeness that is the Bills Fan!

    Buffalo fan base is amazing! I've had season tickets for 4 years, do you remember the first talk of moving a few games to toranto the upset and turmoil it caused the speculation we were going to lose our team to Canada... The proud city of fans don't have much to do in the crumbling town drinking down town, the horrific bisons the seeming worsening sabres and now where there is some hope on the horizon for a buffalo team you slander the fans... GTFO then...

    Everyone on here is either hating on the bills or loving the bills. Just notice how many fans from buffalo are willing to defend their team. It's like 10 bills fans to 1 other team on here. That's because fans are amazing in buffalo. They will stand up for their team forever regardless of championships. On top of all of this buffalo is considered a hockey town with the sabres. Another ten without a championship and yet fans are crazy about them. Buffalo fans love their city. I'm actually scared for a championship in buffalo because the fans are so crazy the party may never end. Let's go buffalo!

    Im from Buffalo and i have to say although dedicated, Bills fans are awful people. Some of the worst people i have ever been forced to spend time around. I refuse to even go to Ralph Willson any more.

    You sound like an idiot.

    I would say this is pretty accurate...however I disagree about steelers fans. Sure they are everywhere while the steelers are winning (which is most of the time) but when they aren't (ie. during the 0-4 start) the fans are hiding under rocks.

    The bills make me wanna shout... Kick my heals up and shout.... LETS GO BUFFALO.. Heyyyaayyayyaaa

    I think it's great the proceeds go to hospitals and cancer reaserarch. Buuuut Ralph wouldn't have done that if the game was gonna sell out. And do some research, Ralph Wilson wouldn't agree to the blackout rules of the NFL. That's why they get blacked out for not selling out all the tickets. He's greedy and wants all the money. ESPN wrote about this. Look it up. Not some "great" owner like you think. The article writes how fans are getting screwed and don't realize it.

    No offense but this list is irrelevant unless you have been to games in every NFL stadium. Who are you to judge fans without actually seeing fans during games at every stadium? I've been to Boston for Pats games and live in Buffalo. The only difference I saw was Pats fans were more respectful to opposing teams fans. Bills fans are not. I can say this due to my experiences.

    I am from WNY and back before Brady the Pats couldn't win a game against the girl scouts. Where the die hard fans then??? The Buffalo Bills may not be as good as the pats but we don't care! They are our HOMETOWN TEAM and that is all that matters! Oh yeah, just wait! The Bills WILL be back!!! Then you can jump back on OUR band wagon!!!

    NFL is fixed its just a different form of a soap opera

    I dont think bills fans are horrible..It is a select few we can do without, but if you are from buffalo you would knowits 20 degrees out and the fans are still out there while the bills lose...great fans for that reason


    #18 is high? I believe that is in the bottom half..

    Eastside mother fucker buffalo proud, I'm at the gates of the Ralph making buffalo loud.

    To the bitch made motherfucker mike talking all that slack jawed nonsense. Show up to a bills game and everyone can see what a glass jawed loud mouthed pussy you are, when i kick your ass so hard you will be wearing it for a hat.

    Fair weather

    Bills mafia for life.
    If we don't beat em in the stadium, we will beat em in the parking lot

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